We Live in Brooklyn Baby

Roy Ayers is a cool dude. From his music to his style of dress both past and present he continues to input positive vibrations in my soul.

I remember the 1st time I  knowingly heard of him through a former employer. A very cool woman by the name of Melanie Dizon, she designed some beautiful shoes and handbags and I had the privilege of working along side her for a little over a year.

But I digress…

Anyway one day while working on line sheets in her home office we decided on a music and ice-cream break; it was the dead of summer. We broke out the Häagen-Dazs Pistacchio and she plugged her ipod into her stereo — and the sweet sounds of Roy Ayer’s “We Live in Brooklyn Baby” came blasting through. You see I lived in New York and Brooklyn no less, and I’d never heard this song. For the remainder of that summer and since I throw this joint on to remind me of the greatness and legacy that Brooklyn holds and to remind myself that “our time is NOW”

Roy Ayers Words of Wisdom – taken from a 2011 interview with revivalist…

“Life is beautiful. I enjoy life. I love living. I think my inspiration comes from my mother, primarily, my mother and my father, but my mother. Basically, because she instilled a lot of inspiration and good vibrations to me and good information. I mean she gave me information like, the Golden Rule, do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. And I try to live by that. And she also told me a prayer that I say everyday, every night when I go to bed [begins to recite prayer]. I live by that. I like people and I like to do good things for people and I like for people to do good things to me. I believe that what you give in life to others can come back to you. Positive begets positive, negative begets negative. So, I try to stay positive as best I can and I just love music. Music is my life, everyday, every moment, every second, every hour. Every minute of the day, I love music and music is my life. And so that’s what I’m all about.”


Beloved Brooklyn “We’re gonna make it baby”

I stumbled upon Drummer’s Grove in Prospect Park a few weeks ago while searching for a friends BBQ location. I was so surprised when my sister and I happened up on a serious live drum session with ancient roots. I didn’t know anything about this Sunday celebration but I made sure to not only read up on the history behind it, but also capture some video. The rhythm,  and energy created by the music makes you stop and take notice. You might even do a little 2-step!


and Part 2