About ME

sirita1 sirita2

Professional ActressSocial Media Manager for Black Enterprise Magazine



5 thoughts on “About ME

  1. Hello Ms Wright, I had listened to you on ‘The Breakfast Club’ about a mouth ago and you mentioned something about when you had graduated from school; found a company to work on your behalf to help you with your debt. I recently graduated from school also & am trying to find a way to manage these student loans so I can eradicate them and get the burden off my shoulders. I was wondering if you could reply back with name of the company you found. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Sirita, I contacted you via Twitter to do an interview for my blog Young, Bold, and Regal. wwww.youngboldandregal.com

    I like the work you’ve done on your blog and the work you’ve done for Black Enterprise. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

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